The most popular remodeling projects Surrey homeowners undertake are kitchen and bathroom renovations. These areas see much traffic and are crucial components of every house. Even though your kitchen is attractive and modern, you should pay attention to the bathrooms in your home. Here are the top advantages of remodeling your bathroom and how the Kitchen and Bath can be helpful.


You must admit that having a nice, new bathroom would feel amazing. Entering a beautiful bathroom is an excellent way to begin and end each day. Beautiful bathrooms often feature trendy and modern plumbing fixtures, a new bathtub and shower, calming paint colours and lovely natural stone or tile. Consider this scenario: you stroll over gleaming new tile flooring and open the floor-to-ceiling glass door to your brand-new steam shower. You activate the shower’s brushed nickel handle, move across the space to start the lights with a button, and then examine yourself in the exquisitely framed mirror that spans the entire length of your dual-sink vanity. You enter your spacious shower enclosure, ready for steaming, spa-like ecstasy, put a towel on the towel bar installed outside, and turn on the water. Ah! This may be you!

One advantage of remodelling your bathroom is the opportunity to sell your home more quickly and for a more fantastic price, in addition to giving you years of happiness. Homeowners in the Toronto area discover that significant renovations to rooms like the kitchen and bathroom help their property sell more quickly. Also, newly refurbished homes sell for more money. When prospective buyers enter a home with antiquated bathrooms, they view them as a burden and demand a significant price drop. Making a good first impression on a buyer is crucial because you never get a second shot; modernising your property before listing it will attract high-value offers.


Another benefit of bathroom remodeling? All the benefits of new fixtures will be yours to enjoy. The professionals at Kitchen and Home can help you find everything you need to transform your bathroom from a utilitarian space into an at-home spa, including jetted tubs that shoot air rather than water (making them easier to clean and maintain) and shower fixtures with multi-directional heads that can spray and massage your entire body. We’ll modernize your bathroom with everything from stylish all-glass shower enclosures to specialty lighting that belongs in the twenty-first century.


Sometimes it’s necessary to modify the bathrooms in a new house or make changes to the ones you already have to meet your lifestyle or that of a family member. Maybe a bathroom needs to be redesigned to make it wheelchair accessible. Consider building a walk-in shower or step-in bathtub to make the bathroom safer for an ageing family member. A kid-friendly bathtub added to a bathroom with only a storm will be a tremendous assistance if your family is expanding. Consider adding a brand-new bathroom if your family is increasing.


Most realtors agree that buyers pay particular attention to the kitchen and bathroom while inspecting a property. Enhancing the aesthetics of your home’s counters, faucets, tub surround, and other areas and giving them a fresh coat of paint will increase their market value and draw prospective buyers. Also, you can boost the value of your property by adding an ensuite or even an additional bathroom. Add a three-piece bathroom if the house only has one bathroom. The property’s market value will increase significantly due to this one project. It can be difficult for landlords and property managers to choose the finest kitchen and bathroom remodelling projects. Please contact a professional who can evaluate your home and assist you in choosing the renovations that will increase its worth.


It is economical to purchase energy-efficient items like low-flow toilets and showerheads. If you are worried about decreased water pressure, you will likely notice little difference between the new energy-efficient items and the older ones. Furthermore, advised is the replacement of outdated lighting with energy-efficient LED lighting.

These improvements might seem insignificant, but they can help conserve energy and lessen your property’s environmental effects. Your monthly energy expenditures can be significantly reduced with energy efficiency.


It’s time to think about remodeling your bathroom if you constantly feel packed in there and think there needs to be more room for two or more people at once. Get a professional to design an excellent bathroom renovation plan to ensure lots of space. Remember, you may expand your bathroom with a well-planned layout with fixtures that fit precisely or with a substantial makeover and construction.

Work with a professional whether you decide to replace your oversized vanity with a more minimalist one or add storage in unconventional areas. Despite your want to make your bathroom more prominent, make sure it still feels cosy and functions as intended. Consider installing a luxurious spa in place of your outdated bathtub, install a tiled shower with many showerheads, and possibly utilize specific calming and serene colors for you.


You might be pleasantly pleased by the sophistication of your recently refurbished bathrooms or ensuites. When you enter a bathroom that has been expertly redesigned, the improved appearance and practicality might make you feel more at ease and content rather than bothered by outdated fixtures and cracked surfaces.

The aesthetics of a bathroom can increase one’s enjoyment of living there, even though most landlords and property managers should pay more attention to it. One of the reasons you should contact a trustworthy business that provides bathroom remodelling services is for this. This will assist you in making worthwhile modifications to your current bathroom.


No matter what requirements you have. PH DESIGN can assist in making sure that the bathroom in your home in the Surrey, BC area suits your way of life. To get started, arrange for one of our design specialists to visit your home for a consultation.